The Witching Hour is a podcast about all things witchy, from astrology and divination to practical magic and more! Hosted by a Leo and a Libra, The Witching Hour brings you conversations with our favorite magical people to help inspire and expand your everyday experience of the numinous.

The Witching Hour began as a broadcast radio show on Spark Syracuse in January 2018. Our past shows have included a wide range of topics, including glamour magic, pop culture, death rituals, astrology, divination, magic and fitness, Satanism, magic against misogyny, kitchen witchery, and more! Over time we decided that a podcast would allow us to expand our content offerings, give us more creative freedom and reach a wider audience, and made the switch in November 2018.

Who We Are


Reina Apraez is an eclectic witch — utilizing aspects of kitchen witchcraft, glamour, performance, and affirmation in her daily practices. She is a Libra Sun, Scorpio Rising, Taurus Moon. You can follow her on Instagram @reina_la_bruja


Jen Eldritch is an occultist and a student of astrology and the Tarot. She is a Leo sun, Pisces moon and Leo ascendant. You can follow her on Instagram @jeneldritch

Contact Us

You can reach us at thewitchinghoursyr@gmail.com or use the contact form below.

You can follow us on Instagram @thewitchinghoursyr and on Facebook at facebook.com/thewitchinghoursyr.

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